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    • Crochet Batman & Superman Blanket Patterns

      • Loved making this blanket! Was a wonderful birthday present for a very special boy.

    • Crochet Vintage Barbie Blanket

      • Have purchased from this seller before last pattern was awesome and still one of my favourites, looking forward to making this for my barbie obsessed 4 year old x

    • Game Controller Crochet Blanket Pattern

      • Great pattern with details and graphs. Can't wait to make it, thank you!

    • Crochet Joker Blanket Pattern

      • As a beginner I was a little confused, but the tutorials that were included helped. With buying everything new, it's a very expensive project so it's good that the pattern was only $8.


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Most of our patterns are at an EASY or INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.  Our goal is to share crochet patterns and tutorials that everyone will be able to follow.  And best of all, we have a series on video tutorials to help answer questions you may have. Featured are many crochet patterns, superheroes, Disney, princess, and villains as well as Cinderella, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Spider-man, Sleeping Beauty, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Joker, Barbie, Rapunzel and more.  These are the coolest crochet patterns you will ever see, and we even have free crochet patterns, crochet blankets, afghans, crochet purses, crochet bags, and others here at myvictoriarose and our sister site,